Mansions and Historic Sites for Unusual Colorado Weddings

Colorado’s mansions and historic sites harbor over a century of rich history and cab provide a rather unique wedding location. Mansions, castles and other historic buildings are scattered throughout the major cities in Colorado, each offering a truly unique experience for a wedding or reception.

Renting out a mansion is a great way to have your own private wedding party. Unlike a hotel or another public arena, you and your guests are secluded in a place all to your own. You will be well on your way to creating your unique wedding reception that all your guests will remember in a vary special way.

Mansions in Denver and Colorado Springs for Weddings

The Grant-Humphreys Mansion in Denver was built in 1902 by the third governor of Colorado, James B Grant. The Grant family continued to live in the estate till 1975 when they donated it to the city as a Denver landmark and is on the National Register of Historic places. Also on the register of historic places is The Boettcher Mansion in Golden which also opened to public in 1975. The Boettcher Mansion sits on Lookout Mountain Preserve, a 110 acre nature park. If you are planning a wedding at this estate, you can choose from the fireside room which accommodates 150 guests, or opt for the carriage house or gazebo for small groups that are less than 20. While there are no accommodations for staying at this mansion, you can rent the entire facility for an event, and find another local gem downtown to stay overnight.

Unlike many mansions and historic sites, the Castle Marne in Denver is also a bed and breakfast. The Victorian-style estate was built in 1889. You get to have the experience of staying in a historic structure yet having all of the modern-day conveniences and comforts. Each room is unique, decorated with authentic decor, antiques, and old-fashioned charm. Each wedding is catered to bride’s wishes, and can be arranged at any budget. The Castle Marne is meant for smaller weddings. 

Miramont castle is another great place for a smaller wedding event. It’s located between Pikes peek cog railroad depot and historic downtown Manitou Springs. The castle was made of the stone from the local quarries and is built in 9 different architectural styles including English Tutor, Gothic, and Venetian. The estate has an expansive outdoor garden, ballrooms, and authentic high tea in the afternoon. The chapel at Mirimont seats up to 35 guests. The castle is now a museum, where many love to come to learn about the structure and its somewhat haunted history.

In any region of the state, you can find a mansion or historic site specifically suited for you. You can have a lavish celebration in a castle or a beautiful ceremony in an old Bed and Breakfast. Maybe an old haunted estate is the venue for you. A historic mountain church or chapel is the perfect setting for a smaller wedding. Choose a quaint church or chapel on a hillside and have magnificent mountain vista views.